Get Your Home Fit For Winter in 3 Simple Steps

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With the cooler weather well and truly upon us, we begin turning our thoughts to our homes. The thought of spending the chilly winter evenings in front of a wood burning stove with a cup of cocoa and a well insulated dwelling that keeps the heat in and is cheap to run is the stuff of dreams. More often than not we have the odd draught that we can’t pinpoint the source of, a radiator that won’t get up to temperature and a thermostat that has seen better days. There are a number of measures that you can take to ensure that your home transforms into a dwelling that is fit for winter. An economical, safe and clean home is what we all strive for. While this might seem harder to achieve in the freezing months, it is not impossible.

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Utility Bills

Many people fret in the winter because they don’t want to be spending a small fortune on their heating bills. To ensure that you don’t fall into this trap, it’s vital that you get your boiler serviced once every twelve months. While it may cost money to sign up to a servicing scheme, this will be negligible when considering the potential cost of boiler repair or replacement. A boiler should last at least ten years, if not longer if kept in good order. Ask friends and family who they use to service their boiler and look at recommendations online. Word of mouth is the most trustworthy source of reviews.

Get yourself a thermostat that you can control from your smartphone. Being wifi enabled and linked to your boiler, this thermostat will result in lower heating bills. No longer will you have to guess when to pop your heating on. As you are cycling or driving home from work, you can assess the temperature and control your thermostat from your workplace to ensure that your humble abode is toasty and warm for when you walk through the door. At the same time, if the weather turns warmer, you can ensure that your heating remains off saving you some much needed pennies.

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Look Up

Your loft or attic space can be the main point at which heat escapes from your home. You need to get up the loft ladder and check your tiles or slate for holes. If you locate some larger holes or a severe lack of insulation, it might be wise to consider whether you should repair or replace your roof. While quite a financial outlay, you may find the costs of running your home dramatically reduced once you have a beautiful new roof. As an added bonus, your roof will look immaculate from the road increasing your home’s curb appeal. If you’re looking to sell up anytime soon, a new roof always adds value and will be an exceptional asset if your potential buyers choose to carry out a service on your pad.

Consider insulating your attic space with some thick foam to stop the heat from escaping. This means you won’t have to keep your heating on for as long during the day saving you money. With your home at a more constant temperature, your boiler will be working less hard as well.

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Cold weather is the nemesis of water pipes. If you are planning to head away for a winter holiday, don’t leave your heating off for the fortnight you are away. Your pipes may freeze and burst leaving you with a flooded house or worse on your return home leading to some hefty bills or increase in insurance premiums.

Instead, set your heating on a timer and have it on for an hour twice a day to ensure that your pipework remains fluid. Ask a friend to pop over and turn on the faucets and run the shower, especially if you have a rain head shower. While a random request ask them to flush the toilet every couple of days. Toilet valves can leak through lack of use in the winter, so to save a messy floor on your return home, get it flushed every so often.

While it can be difficult to maintain your home during the winter, it shouldn’t be impossible. Ensure that you keep the cold at the forefront of your mind, and make sure that you keep an eye on the weather forecast. Be sensible and look after your property by taking preventative measures. By doing this, you will save money, and you’ll be able to enjoy an energy efficient, and cozy home this winter season.

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