How To Turn Your House Into A Family Home

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Does your home lack a bit of flair? Is it a welcoming, warm space that is suitable for the needs of a growing family? Is it time for an upgrade of your interiors? Walk into a house that feels like a home and you can tell the difference immediately. When a house is in tune with the needs and personalities within its walls, it creates a real sense to comfort and confidence. If you feel that your own house isn’t quite there, it’s quite easy to make a few changes which can really alter the feel of your space and make that sense of home. 

Bring Down The Walls – Literally 

Many of us live into houses with less than ideal, outdated layouts and the flow of the space doesn’t work for the family lives we lead. You don’t have to move though-revisiting the layout can be transformative. If you can find good secured loan rates, a builder can help you alter the room shapes, either making a more open plan layout or enclosing spaces. That you can enjoy cooking together while the children have their playroom or even enclosing certain areas to create a quiet study or area for homework. How the different areas of your space flow together is hugely important, both visually and ergonomically. Make the most of great views out to the garden or beyond by removing internal doors and aligning openings and corridors to open up the space and make it feel less enclosed. You could also include internal windows to provide a glimpse of spaces beyond, or use bi-fold doors to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces to allow children and pets easy access while you can also supervise.

Showcase Your Memories 

One way to make a really special impact is to create a memory wall in your house. This could be a gallery of framed images that remind you of happy family times. Or it could be that you have special objects you want to display – shadow box frames can be a lovely way to do this. If your children have produced really nice artworks you could also have these mounted and framed up to give a family feel to your living room. This looks far nicer than simply attaching them to the fridge with magnets. 

Image via Pexels 

Switch Up Your Floor Finish 

The right floor finish can make a big difference with kids and pets running in and out – you need something hardwearing and also attractive. Solutions like engineered hardwood boards or polished concrete are very practical and look great. They can be combined easily with underfloor heating to bring warmth to the space. If you like tiling, you can get some beautiful patterned ones that will add a lot of impact to your space. They don’t have to feel cold if you combine them with selective use of textiles. Define a certain area and add in colour and interest with a textured area rug. 

Find Storage Solutions 

Having a calm, ordered home that meets your family’s needs depends on getting the correct storage solutions to contain and organise your possessions. The perfect home combines functionality and design aesthetics. There are lots of creative solutions out there, from elegant ottomans and blanket boxes that will swallow toys, to corner sofas with storage in the base. Finding a good joiner can also be invaluable – they can build shelving or drawers into awkward spaces and corners that aren’t being used. Good storage should be a mix of concealed areas to contain unsightly mess and open display shelving to show off pictures and treasured possessions. 

Let There Be Light 

Planning a great lighting scheme can really take your home from drab to fab in an instant. Modern homes are multi-functional, so the lighting needs to be the same- you’ve got to cover eating, socialising, relaxing, and cooking! The right lighting can solve a lot of problems, hiding architectural flaws or highlighting great features, and making up for dingy spaces with a lack of natural light. The types to consider are task lighting for work areas, mood lighting for social areas and accent lighting to highlight features or add light to dim corners. LED down lights are great for work areas, while a cluster of statement pendant lights creates an intimate, convivial dining area. If you have the budget to go seriously high-tech, you can opt for an intelligent lighting system that uses a Wi-Fi connection to create sets of lighting patterns which can all be controlled using a smartphone or tablet – customising the brightness, colour et cetera to your exact needs and preferences.

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