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If you have worked hard and you now have the family home you dreamt of, the last thing you want to happen is it to get damaged or become unsafe due to poorly maintaining the house. If you don’t keep on top of household maintenance it can cost you a lot to have it repaired and it will become unsafe and dangerous especially if you have children in the home. So here are a few tips to help you keep your home maintained and safe for you and your family.

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Check the roof

Your roof if left unmaintained can cause damage to your home over time and also poses a danger to you and others that may be passing near the house. If your tiles on the roof are cracked then they can potentially come away from the roof, this will cause them to slip off and potentially hit people passing by or hit children playing underneath. It can only take a small crack to make the tile fall away, this is due to cold weather mainly as if the crack gets water in it and then freezes in the winter the water freezing will expand and cause the tile to break away.

The best thing to do is to get up on the roof and inspect the tiles and replace any tiles that are loose, broken off or cracked. If you are not comfortable in doing this yourself then there are plenty of roofing businesses that will be able to come out and sort your roof for you. If you leave the roof after it breaks this can also lead to leaks in your home so not only will you need to pay to have the roof fixed but also to have the damage inside the house repaired.

Check your electrics

Over time your electrics in the home can get damaged and become dangerous. It is best to check all your electric sockets to makes sure they are not damaged and exposed as this poses a real safety risk, especially around children, because if the wires behind the socket become exposed and they touch them then they can get electrocuted, so it is really important to keep on top of electricals. The same goes for the light switches and fittings, these can also become damaged over time having the same effect as the sockets, these will cause electrocution if exposed. 

As well as checking the general electrics for the home it’s also a good idea to check any electrical items you have in the house as once you place them in the house they become another thing to maintain in your home. Electrical items in the home will also pose a risk to you and your family if not maintained and fixed when broken.

Maintain your garden

Your garden is a part of your home so keeping this maintained and tidy is just as important as the actual house. If you have children then it is likely that they are playing in the garden a lot which means if it is ill-maintained they could be injured while playing. Things like stingy nettles and thistles should be pulled up to stop children getting hurt by them, also keep on top of any thorn bushes that have become overgrown these are potentially dangerous to pets as well as children as they can become tangled in them causing them injury.

If you don’t already have a shed or some type of garden storage then it is advised to get some, this is because if you have any garden tools they need to be stored safely and away from the reach of children as they could be injured if they get a hold of the tools. If you have playsets for your children then make sure you check them over regularly to make sure they are still sturdy and nothing has come loose which can potentially cause it to collapse. 

Maintaining your home does not only make it a nice place to live but also a safe place, especially when bringing up children. Maintaining your home is not something you have to do every day but it should be done at least monthly if not bi-weekly. With these tips, you will have an idea of what to keep an eye on and how to keep your home in tip-top condition.

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