Home Improvements You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

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You can save a lot of money by going DIY. However, there are still times when you may want to pay extra in order to get the job done professionally. This is because certain jobs can be very complex, and in many cases potentially dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are just a few home improvements that you probably shouldn’t take on yourself unless professionally qualified.

Gas plumbing

Plumbing in general can have its difficulties – fail to connect a water pipe correctly and you could flood your whole home. Gas plumbing can have even more disastrous effects if you get it wrong. A gas leak as the result of an amateurish job could result in carbon monoxide poisoning or a fire, both of which could be lethal.

Some places have laws against attempting gas plumbing without license. Whether this is the case or not for your area, you should probably stick to hiring gas plumbers rather than trying your hand at these types of jobs yourself.  


Much like gas plumbing, electrics can be extremely hazardous work. You could risk electrocuting yourself if you’re not careful, or botching a job and electrocuting someone else in your home. Poor electrics work could even be a fire hazard.

Whilst it’s probably not going to be too much of a strain to replace a bulb or even a light fitting, you don’t want to be carrying out complex electrics. Some areas have laws against carrying out certain electrical work without a license, so you could be breaking the law too by taking on such jobs. If you’re at all unsure of whether you’re competent enough/legally allowed to take on an electric task, you’re probably best off hiring a professional electrician.

Roof repair

Roof repair can be a lot more complex than people think. Locating a leak is no easy task – it may not always be a broken tile, but possibly a broken seal or something else that may not be obvious. Going up onto a roof can also be dangerous if you slip and fall, plus it’s possible to tread in the wrong places and cause further damage to your roof.

By hiring roofers, you can save yourself the hassle and the risk of clambering up onto your roof yourself. Of course, certain roofs may be easier to tackle than others – it’s all a case of knowing your own ability.

Removing interior walls

Want to knock down your kitchen into your dining area to create an open plan layout? Or perhaps you want to knock a toilet and bathroom together to make one large bathroom? Whatever the case, you may want to think carefully before wielding that sledgehammer and attempting to knock down the wall yourself – many interior walls provide structural integrity or contain wires and pipes within them, making the process a lot more complex than simply knocking down a wall. If you make a mistake, you could bring the whole house down, destroy a pipe or cause a major electrical problem.

Professionals will be able to take steps to maintain structural integrity if the wall is load bearing, plus they will be able to relocate any wiring or piping. You generally won’t find any companies that specialise in wall removal – a general handyman or renovation company are likely to be your best bet.

Installing windows

Installing new windows is also a job you probably don’t want to take on yourself without professional training. Creating a hole in a wall to place a window involves understanding the structural integrity of the wall. You then have the tricky process of fitting the window – if it’s not done precisely, you could damage the glass or leave gaps that let in drafts and damp.

A window installation company will be able to carry out the job competently. You may still be able to source the window parts yourself rather than buying it through the installation company – this could save you some money as you’ll simply be paying for the installation.  

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