Think You’ve Grown Out Of Your Family Home? Think Again!

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Do you feel like you’re constantly tripping over Lego bricks, or are you tired of waiting 20 minutes to use the bathroom? If you’re short on space, you might be thinking about moving, but is that really the only option? If you love your home, but you feel like you’ve outgrown it, here are some ideas worth exploring before you make a decision. 

Converting a loft or basement

If you haven’t got enough rooms in your house, or you’re dying for more storage space, have you exhausted every corner of your home, or is there a hidden solution just waiting to be discovered? If you’re lucky enough to have a loft or a basement, which is large enough to be converted into living or storage space, this could provide the answer. Loft rooms are ideal for extra bedrooms, offices, and teenage dens, while basements are perfect for games rooms, play areas and large, open-plan kitchen-diners. If you are thinking about taking on this kind of project, it’s useful to do your homework before you make any final decisions. Get some quotes from reputable building firms, go through different ideas and contact a real estate agent to see how much value you could add. 

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Making the most of external buildings

Do you have a rundown outhouse, a garage, a workshop that has seen better days or an oversized shed in the garden? If so, are you making the most of these external structures? If you’re stressing about a lack of space, you could move a home office from the house to an outdoor shed or renovate an outbuilding to provide a cool hangout for teenagers or a studio for a home business. If you’re fretting that your garage isn’t big enough for two cars, you don’t have to move to get the space you need. Installing a single post garage lift will enable you to maximize the space you already have. Think about the plot you have, and take full advantage of any structures that aren’t currently fulfilling their potential.

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If a lack of space is the only issue with your home, and you’d rather not move, you could consider adding an extension. If you’ve got room at the side or the back of your house, you could look into the possibility of creating a single or double story extension. This extra space could give you another bedroom and a bathroom, a playroom, another living room or a larger kitchen, which also has space for a dining area. Contact some builders, get some quotes, and look for design inspiration online. Adding an extension could turn your house into the perfect family home, and if you stick to a suitable budget, you should also find that it increases the value of the property significantly. 

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Do you feel like you’ve outgrown your home? If so, you might be thinking that the only option is to buy a bigger house, but there may be other avenues open to you. It’s worth exploring ideas and weighing up the pros and cons before you make a decision.

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