Does This Year Mean That Your Home Is Your Focus? Style That Won’t Break The Bank

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As we get older, it is understandable that our priorities change and our focus switches to other areas in our life. You may have spent years making yourself the priority, but now that you live alone and have your own place, or may have been bought somewhere, you see that home trends are interesting you more than the latest fashion on the catwalk. Of course, you don’t change completely, but your home is an extension of your personality and so it is only right to want to put your own stamp on the place. But, having said that, home interiors and redecoration isn’t cheap, especially when making over complete rooms. So here are a few options to consider that won’t break the bank. 

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Focus on light 

One of the first things you could do is make your focus all about the lighting. Natural light is a great way to help a room feel different and also brighten it up. Open the curating, fix up the blinds, do what you can to let the natural light into your home. However, not all homes have great natural light options, so you could make the light fitting a feature in itself. This can be a great way to catch the eye, and enable you to add a dramatic or statement piece to the room. 

Make a big area a feature

Most people want there to be a feature in a room, and there are few ways that you can do it. The best advice would be to cover a big area so that the feature is more noticeable. You could look at the flooring, for example, perhaps investing in some luxury vinyl flooring or a new carpet. Covering a large area means that it will be noticeable. Or you could stick with a popular option and use a wall to create a feature. Maybe painting it a different colour or using artwork or photographs to create a feature. 

Style up with your accessories

Accessories are a great way to add some drama to a room, and it can be a great way to make a room look different without it costing you a lot of money. Blankets, throws, and cushions are great in living room areas. When strategically placed, they can add real character. Other things to consider would be the ornaments you have on display, photographs in frames and the furniture. You could even try and makeover some older pieces to give them a new zest of life. Often a little paint can go a long way. 

Keep clutter to a minimum 

Clutter can be a huge problem for many homeowners. Some people just have a lot of things that they feel they want to keep. However, clutter can make a home look and feel messy and unloved, so it might be time to add a bit of organisation into your like. Marie Kondo has a great method that she talks about, there is even a series on Netflix if that is your sort of thing. Keeping a space clean and tidy could be all your home needs to look at its best. 

Let’s hope these tips help you to style up your home this year.

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