Cleaning Home Remedies For Busy Adults

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When you finally take Jose first steps into the property ladder, your home becomes your prize possession. It’s the most amazing thing to have as adult and it gives us the chance to feel truly independent. Part of looking after our home is to clean it regularly, and today we are going to look at some simple home remedies which you can use to keep your home in tip top shape without breaking the bank on those expensive cleaning supplies. 

Clean away red wine with white wine 

When you are celebrating the fact you have a new house you might be tempted to break out the wine for a toast, but beware that red wine and carpet never mix. When you do spill red wine on your carpet it can feel like a disaster and there isn’t a lot you can do other than get some carpet cleaning services to the home. But before you do this, be sure to use a little white wine to lift the stain yourself. White wine is great for getting rid of red wine stains and it is much cheaper too! 

Disinfect with denture tablets

If you are looking to clean the bathroom one weekend and you need a simple way to rid your toilet of harmful bacteria, there is no easier way than to drop a few denture cleaning tablets into the bowl and flushing the loo. This will disinfect the whole toilet within a minute or so and it means that you no longer have to worry about bad bacteria in your toilet.


Baking soda bath ring eliminator 

When you have had a bath for quite some time, you will start to notice a small ring forming around the edge of the bath which indicates where you normally fill your water to. This ring can be annoying for you to see every day and scrubbing it usually won’t budge the stain. The good job is that baking soda can be a handy cleaning tool and it is one which most of us have in our baking cupboard. Simply sprinkle baking soda on the ring and leave it to sit for at least an hour. Rinse away and the ring will come with it. 

Washing windows

You might think that cleaning the windows in your home is one of the easiest tasks because all you need is a spray bottle, squeegee and a tea towel. The main issue we can struggle with when cleaning the windows is leaving streaks in the glass. To stop this from happening and to give the windows a wonderful shine, you can use
 coffee filters to clean the windows instead. When you rub the window with a coffee filter it won’t leave a stain or any lint so your windows will be shiny and clean. 

Ice on wax 

In the winter a lot of us enjoy lighting candles to keep the home feeling warm and cosy in the evenings. The main issue that we can face with having candles everywhere is the risk of wax leaking onto the floor. If you have carpet, this can be especially annoying and hard to get rid of. But don’t fret; you can simply lay a bag of ice over the wax for a while until the wax is frozen, and then it will be easy to scrape off or pull away. 

Copper cleaner

With a lot of the interior design styles these days, copper is used a lot as an accent colour and it is becoming more popular than even silver. If you have a lot of copper in the house you will want to keep it clean and streak free. Lemon and salt can be the ideal cleaner for copper and it will leave the surface shiny and perfect in no time. Simply microwave half a lemon for a minute or so and then dip the lemon into salt. Now use this to scrub your copper and you will see the stains disappear without any trouble!

Banana peels 

If you eat bananas quite often, make sure that you don’t simply throw away the peel afterwards. Banana peel has several handy uses including a natural teeth whitener, and today we want to show how it can help keep silver sparkling and clean. Take your banana peel and blend it with some water to form a thick paste. Once you have this, rub the paste into your silver with a cloth and make sure to reach all of the nooks and crannies. Once you have done this you can give it a rinse and you will have a perfectly shiny piece of silver to enjoy.

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