Is It Time You Spruced Up Your Garden? Get It Ready For Spring

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It may seem like we are in the depths of winter, but the spring will soon be on its way and it promises blue skies, sunshine and warmer days. It means that there will be more opportunity to get outside with the family, enjoy our backyards and get some fresh air. However, I can guarantee that the majority of you reading this will have not even thought about the state your garden is in since last summer and fall. Winter isn’t normally a month that you tend to your garden or handle any backyard chores, but as we approach the spring months it may be time to start getting back into a routine with it and sort it out. 

You may be wondering what it is you can do your garden right now, but there is tonnes of outside chores to be done, as well as getting tidy and organised to ensure the garden is ready to be enjoyed by everyone. So here are some suggestions to help you get started and to have your garden looking fabulous in time for spring. 

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Tackle the outside chores you will have been avoiding 

One of the benefits of winter is that you don’t feel the need to go outside and do some of the household chores that your dread. But as the weather starts to change and warm up, these are the things that you will notice the most. So the best advice would be to to tackle them now. This includes things like clearing out the gutters, so that your drainage system can work better. You might also want to think about clearing any debris from your lawn and patio areas. After the fall, you may have noticed that there is a lot of leaves on the ground, and fallen branches. Clearing these away now will help you to have a much clearer backyard to work with and spruce up in time for the spring. 

Consider any improvements that could be made 

The next thing you may want to think about would be any improvements that could be made to your back garden and patio areas. After all, you will be wanting to make full use of the garden once the weather perks up. This is when you may want to think about extending your patio, or adding a new decked area that could be used for socialising, playing with the children or even enjoying a bit of al fresco dining. Things like an open roof could also be great to ensure that you get a little shade as well as adding a decorative feature to the patio and exterior of your home. Furthermore, you could look at investing in things like artificial grass, or landscaping your garden so it is more pleasing on the eye. 

Give your flower beds some love 

Gardening may not always be on the cards during the colder months of the year, but this is the ideal time to spruce up the flowerbeds. You can start by weeding them to get rid of unwanted growths, and also use the opportunity to move plants or get rid of ones that are no longer thriving. Then planting seeds or bulbs now means that you could end up with a beautiful arrangement of flowers come the springtime. 

It is time for some lawn maintenance 

The lawn might need some love as well, and if you think about it, you may not have mowed or cut the edges for some time. So now would be the ideal time to get that sorted. Wait for a dry day, and then cut the lawn right down. You will see minimal growth between now and spring, so it will be looking perfect as the weather starts to brighten up. You could also put down some lawn feed and seed to ensure that it is looking its best. 

Taking care of the exterior or your home 

Just as you would be looking to give your home a deep clean in time for spring, the same principal could be applied to the exterior of your home. Now may be the time to get outside and clean those windows, enabling you to let some natural light into your home as well as it looking great. The next thing could be jet washing the patio or decked area. During the winter and bad weather, these areas can get dirty, and you won’t believe the difference it could make by using a pressure washer on those areas. 

Invest now to bag yourself some bargains 

The beginning of the year is normally a time where you get to bag yourself some bargains in the sales, and garden furniture and tools will be especially good in terms of getting a bargain. You could pick yourself up some new furniture to sit out and enjoy the warmer days, a new BBQ perhaps or even invest in a new shed or storage options so that once you do tidy up your garden it can remain looking that way. It is a great time to shop, so why not take advantage of some of the savings out there? 

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Could you use this opportunity to become more sustainable?

There is a lot of focus around being environmentally friendly at the moment, and this doesn’t just mean inside your home, your garden can be a big help as well. You could use this time to think about creating vegetable patch in your backyard. Helping you to be a little more sustainable in terms of the food you buy and actually start to grow your own. From fresh herbs to vegetables, the options are endless, and it could also be a great way to get children involved and learn some valuable lessons about where food can come from. Furthermore to that, being able to collect rainwater in your backyard means that you can use less from the mains when it comes to watering your grass or freshly planted flowers. 

Fix anything that has been damaged 

Finally, the bad weather may have done more damage than you would have liked, so it could be time to start thinking about getting the repairs sorted so that your garden looks great in time for spring. Anything from damaged gutters and drains on your home to fixing fence panels may be on the cards, but you will be glad you tackled it now than waiting. 

Let’s hope this gives you the incentive you need to spruce up your garden in time for spring. 

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