How To Groom Your Baby Without Fuss

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When you bring your new baby home, it’s wonderful to spend a few days just basking in the new joy you’ve added to your family. However, as the days and weeks go by, you’ll start to notice a few things, like your baby’s nails growing and new hairs on your baby’s head…and that’s the easy stuff. Part and parcel of being a parent is grooming your child, no matter how frightening it may be. So, here are a few tips for getting it done without any fuss.

Trimming Nails

Most young babies are notorious for scratching themselves when their nails get to long. If you notice a few scratches on baby, don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. However, it does mean you’ll probably have to start trimming your baby’s nails more often. Some mothers are brave enough to do this with baby nail clippers. If you’re going to do this, it’s easier to have a second person around to hold baby’s hands or wait until your baby is deep in sleep. An alternative is to give your baby a warm bath and wait for the nails to soften, then gently bite your baby’s nails down to a safe length.

Tear Free Hair Washing

As babies get older, they become more aware of what’s happening during bath time. The best way to prevent tears during a hair wash is to get your baby used to it from a young age. Use words like ‘ready’ as a signal that water will be splashed on your baby’s head and she’ll know to expect it. Don’t try and trick your older baby by distracting her. She may lose trust in you and it could take a while to build trust again. You can also buy tear free shampoos that help to prevent Mustela cradle cap and hair washing hats if your baby becomes fearful at any point.


Make Brushing Teeth Fun

As your baby starts to cut his teeth, you’ll be advised by your dentist to start brushing them. Just a small smear of fluoride toothpaste on a baby brush is enough for young babies. You can make brushing teeth fun with positive reinforcement. Tell your baby how good he is when you’ve successfully brushed his teeth. Point out how clean and shiny his teeth are each time. Some mothers even use stories with their toddlers. For instance, there are dinosaurs in your mouth, and we need to brush them all out.

Tangle Free Hair

Depending on how much hair your baby was born with, you could be brushing hair much sooner than you expected. Babies hair grows at different rates, but if your child has locks that need untangling, you don’t want a fight on your hands every time you get the brush out. Help your baby to connect the brush with something positive. Let your baby hold and explore the brush first. For young babies, use a soft bristled brush at first. For toddlers with longer hair, try using a wide tooth comb and working from the bottom of the hair to the top.

Medicinal Support

There will be plenty of times during the first year where your baby requires medicine. Whether it’s teething or the flu, it’ll be important that your baby takes her medicine without spitting it out. Some babies don’t like to take medicine and it can become difficult to give them the dosage they need. If you’re having trouble, try dropping the medicine towards the side of your baby’s mouth, instead of the centre. The centre of the mouth and the tongue are where your baby’s taste buds are and she may not appreciate the taste. You can also chill the medicine to diminish the taste slightly or add it to your baby’s drink if she refuses to take it any other way.


Easy Ear Drops

Let’s be honest, getting ear drops in a wriggly baby’s ear is never going to be easy. If possible, make sure there are two of you to tackle the problem. Put a pile of your baby’s favourite toys together and lie your baby on his side. Make sure the drops travel into the ear canal and do your best to keep your baby in a side position for three minutes. This is where you’ll need all the distraction techniques you can think of. Give your baby his favourite toys, sing your baby’s favourite songs and play his favourite games. It could be the longest three minutes of your life, but it’s better than baby being in pain.

Grooming your baby can be hard work, but you’ll also create some amazing memories.

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