Quality (And Quiet) Time! Recapturing Your Freedom After Having Kids

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You know you’re firmly into adulthood when you’re knee deep in diapers and life becomes a constant swirl of kids’ parties, concerns about money, and a distinct lack of freedom. But when you have children, you may say to yourself that you’re not going to let it change your life, but it does! And that means that we’ve got to work that much harder at finding our little pockets of freedom. But as our kids get older, we find them relying less on us in one way (such as to go to the bathroom) and the end up leaning on as for other things, (like asking us for money). And so, when we find ourselves struggling for cash, or we’ve just forgotten what our partner looks like, how can we recapture these moments of freedom?


Make Time Just For The Two Of You

Yes, it is easier said than done! Usually we feel that if we have got away from the children for a few hours, then we have to make it count, in which case, we have to spend a lot of money. But, you can have quality time together without spending through the nose. A picnic is a great little way for you to have that time together so you can focus on each other, but without the trappings of an expensive restaurant. On countryliving.com there are some nice recipes that you can easily put together at home. Time for the two of you doesn’t have to be an event either, it can just be half an hour where you can both go for a walk but the point is for you to enjoy each other’s time!


Send The Kids Packing

If you want time away from the children, then send them away from you! As harsh as this sounds, we don’t want the children to be hanging around the house all of the time, especially during the summer. Instead, think about sending them off to some summer camp, where they can make new friends, learn new skills, but also get out from under your feet. On campsonshine.org there’s some information about summer camps to have a look at, because after all, if we want the kids to get the most out of life, they’re not going to benefit by being sat in front of the TV all summer! And if you want time away, you can’t leave them with the grandparents for months on end, so start saving!


Change Your Mindset

If you don’t think you’ve got a sense of freedom because the children take up so much of your time, does this mean you have to find another way of improving your attitude? It’s a little thing, but if you feel constantly pressured by stress, piles of laundry, ironing, and on top of this you need to go to work, you might feel that you never have time for yourself. So instead, find ways of altering your attitude so you can feel these benefits. If you think that you need time away from everything to regain your perspective, is it easier just to go for a walk for 20 minutes so you can recharge your batteries? Or on the other hand, if you find yourself primed for stress, is a meditative session all you need? Change your mindset, and you could change your life!

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