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Your house is your own little world. It’s the place you get to call all the shots, at least in your own bedroom, and you get to lounge out in the living room and make as much mess as possible when you’re in the kitchen. Sure, you’re the one who’s responsible for cleaning it all up again, but it’s a lovely line of independence! 

All in all, your home is your haven, and what you say goes. And that includes the decorating! When you look around the four walls you live in, what do you see? Touches of personality you added yourself? Some seasonal decorations, maybe? Do things seem a little stale, seeing as you haven’t opened up a paint can since you moved in years ago? Let’s think about the idea – the spring is here, and whilst there might be a drizzle outside, the sun is breaking through the clouds more often than not now! 

Dressing your house up for the spring takes quite a bit of effort, especially if you’re all still trussed up in the winter curtains and thick rugs on the floor. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of tips available here to help you out! So without further ado, here’s just some of the best looks to outfit your house in for the spring. 

A few daffodils on the table and your living room can seem much, much brighter! (Source)

Get Your Woven Assortments Out!

Spring is a time of new beginnings, and a little bit of creation every now and then. The trees are starting to grow their leaves outside, no longer the gnarled and dark figures we’ve come to know them to be over the winter. Your lawn is probably becoming a bit greener, and you’re using enriching garden products to help bring out that healthy and natural color just a bit more. You’ve got all kinds of plans for the seeds and be bulbs you’re going to plant out the back of your house, to make sure you’ve got a proper little harvest to reap by the time the summer rolls in. All in all, your house and garden are surrounded by new waves of life, and a natural touch here and there. 

So, why not bring the same idea indoors, and apply it to the rooms you live in? After all, there’s nothing like just a taste of the natural world in the furniture you sit on and the products you use – they’re much better for both the mind and the body! 

If you have some woven furniture or accessories to hand, be sure you’re putting them to good use for the current season. If not, it’s time to go on a shopping spree, either for materials you can weave and craft with on your own, or for ready made products you can instantly use. Pillows, cushions, blankets and throws, rugs, curtains, and even the coffee table in the middle of your sitting room. What wood is it made of? Is there a friendlier spring alternative out there you could invest in? 

Getting Some New Windows

It’s said your eyes are the window to your soul, if you like to believe in proverbs like that! But the windows in your house are a direct link to the outside world, and that means you need to pay some more attention to them for the springtime ahead. After all, you’re going to want to open your windows more often for the better weather that’ll be on offer, and you’re going to want to let the fresh spring air in to circulate around your house and improve the atmosphere you’re working with. 

A new window is a new lease of air, and a great way to make sure you’re opening the windows to let more natural and healthy air into the house. Maybe you felt a bit iffy about doing so before, whether because the window had grime literally set into it, or the panes were a bit moldy or rusted or completely chipped away. Some new windows and that problem will be solved. 

Getting some new windows fitted is a lot easier than you’d think, especially if you use a specialist company such as Renewal by Andersen windows – there’s no point trying to rip the panes out yourself, especially if you’ve never worked with glass before! You could even get bigger or smaller windows fitted, to try and maximise the light that’s allowed into your home. And you could even get those tiny curtains finally fitted, the ones you’ve been wanting to put up every time you passed them in the home depot store. 

Think About Some Brighter Colors

The colors in your home certainly have a say on how you feel, and there’s a lot of psychology around why some shades make us feel sad, and why some make us feel angry, and why some even help us fall asleep if we put them up in the bedroom. So going along in that same vein, why not think about doing a bit of painting and decorating in your living room and your kitchen, and sprinkle some spring colors around? 

Maybe a strong yellow, one that’s going to make you feel sunny and cheerful when the light from your new windows hit it in just the right way? Not to mention, the color yellow is known as a ‘warm color’, meaning it can bring a real sense of comfort and warmth to you. That’d be perfect to be surrounded by when you’re all sitting round the table and tucking into your dinner. 

Sprinkle Some Plants Around!

Plants are great for making sure you’ve got some spring essentials in the room. They help improve your air quality, they help to lift your mood, they can even suck some of the negative energy out of the room, such as when it’s raining outside and you’re sad because of it, or when you’re in a bit of a blue mood because of the day you’ve had at work. They’re little comforting tools, and all you have to do is keep them well lit (unless you have a no sunlight plant!), and give them a bit of water every now and then. 

A rubber tree is always a popular indoor plant for the springtime – they can really fill up some negative space, so plant them in a pot and leave them in the corner of the living room for some real impact. You can get yourself an Aloe plant, which is one that likes to live in dry soil, if you’re someone who’s bad at remembering to water your plants. And when their leaves have grown out, you can break one or two off and use the sap inside to moisturise your skin! 

Or if you’re someone who’s had enough of green in your home, you can instead buy some orchids to sprinkle around the place. You can place these on your mantle, or on a bookshelf, or even just by the window, and you don’t even have to get messy with soil either. A bit of bark and a few stones are preferable for these flowers to be planted in, and they’re not huge fans of water either! 

What’s the decorating like in your house at the moment? After all, the spring is here, and now’s the perfect time to give your home a seasonal update. So here’s to adding some more natural and colorful elements to your interior, and thriving in the new atmosphere as a result!

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