A Mommy’s Guide To Making Your Car Child Friendly: 3 Simple Steps

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Busy moms think nothing of getting the kids into their vehicle and zipping to their next appointment, whether its a play date or an after-school club. However, what we often don’t acknowledge is that cars aren’t designed to be inherently child-friendly. In fact, we often need to do a little work to them to make them as safe and comfortable for our kids as possible. Happily, you can find out more about how to do this in my post below.  

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There will be trash

Anyone with kids will know that no matter how many times you tell them, or how careful you get them to be, they will create trash when they are in the car. The problem is that unlike our home where there are particular places to put rubbish, it’s all too easy to leave the car behind when the school run is over for the day, and not deal with it. 

Happily, there is an easy way to deal with this, and it’s to include a garbage bin or bag in your car, and ensure that everyone uses it. In fact, you can even make it into a game, with the first person that gets 3 pieces of trash into the bag before you get home winning a price or a gold star! 

Safety is crucial 

Next, when it comes to traveling in a car with your kids, you will want it to be as safe as possible. Of course, part of this is down to the brand and model that you initially choose, something you can find more about here. 

However, there are some steps you can take to maximize your child’s safety when traveling as well. One such step is to ensure they have the best and most suitable child seat for the car. Additionally, it worth switching on extra safety features where appropriate, like side impact airbags, and even child locks, so you’re little one can’t let themselves out of the car doors. 

You may even wish to install some enhanced safety features like the ones you can find out about on BlackBoxMyCar, including dash cams. Something that can not only help to keep track of who’s at fault if an accident does occur but can also actively discourage other road users around you from driving in an unsafe manner as well. Something that can further help to protect your children. 

Entertainment is good for everyone 

Finally, when it comes to making your car as child-friendly as possible, do remember to think about ways of keeping your little ones entertained. 

Some parents do this by installing hanging storage over the back of the front chairs and filling this will small toys, reading books, and coloring pencils. All of which their children can access independently while on a journey. 

Still, others use this space to hang TV screen with integrated DVDs. A smart way of keeping the kids entertained and happy on a journey because they can watch their favorite films and TV shows. You can even provide wireless headphones too, something that can give mommy a well deserved few minutes of silence while driving while keeping the little ones busy!  

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