Unwanted Visitors

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When you move into a new property there’s generally some work that needs carrying out, from DIY jobs like painting to giving your new home a thorough cleaning.

In general this is time consuming rather than anything else. If you’re in the process of giving your house a cleaning makeover, you might come across some more challenging areas, some of which you’ll be able to handle, some you’re going to need to call in the experts.

We give you a short guide on unwanted visitors and infestations:

Insect Infestations

No one really wants to think about it, but when you repeatedly find yourself coming face to face with plenty of spiders, it could be a sign that you have an insect infestation that your average spider is enjoying for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How will you know? The signs will be there if you look carefully. One of the more destructive visitors to your home is going to be termites. You might have noticed tiny, clear things that look fish scales over your floor. These are in fact the wings shed by the termite after mating and are generally found together in small piles. Very often exterminators are called in after a knocking sound is heard behind walls, another sure-fire sign of an infestation along with dried mud on walls and tiny wood-coloured droppings. Don’t try to tackle this yourself, get the professionals in to deal with the problem.

Another common insect to find in homes, particularly those that have been left empty for a while,are ladybugs. While harmless in themselves, having ladybugs in your home is often a sign of another insect in your garden, aphids. The ladybug was introduced to help control crop-destroying insects so while they do a great job doing this, they are also drawn to the cracks and crevices of people’s homes where they can hibernate in peace.

To get rid of them you’ll simply need to vacuum them up regularly and place the contents outside, rather than in your inside trash bag. You might also want to buy a bug trap and seal up any cracks that seem to be a popular hiding place.

Nowhere near as cute as ladybugs are cockroaches. These ugly insects love leftover food residue, particularly grease, so make sure your floors and surfaces are clear of anything that might attract them. If you spot just one or two you may be able to simply kill them and lay a bait trap to prevent any more from coming into your home. In any case, look for gaps under outside doors that they may slip in through. These creatures are fairly determined, so if you are struggling to get rid of them, you may need to call an extermination company to do the job.


This substance can seem pretty harmless but there are several different types and each type carries a risk one way or another.  Some may cause irritation to skin and eyes, while others can even cause breathing issues, particularly in those suffering with conditions such as asthma.

If you’re not sure which one you might have lurking in your bathroom, kitchen or in your family’s bedrooms then again, look at calling in the experts for Mold Remediation.

Unwanted Visitors

Moving on to slightly larger unwanted guests: mice. The first sign you might notice is tiny, sesame seed size droppings. There are plenty of non-chemical, humane ways to get rid of mice including removing food stored low down, open packets and containers and humane traps.

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Rats cause similar problems and giveaway signs include wires that have been chewed through and larger droppings. They are persistent and can chew through metal. Unlike mice, rats can cause health problems and spread disease, so it’s vital they are stopped as soon you come across one in your home.

There are plenty of shop bought rat traps you can buy or again ask the experts to do the job for you.

The key to preventing most infestations is to try and remove whatever it is the insect or rodent is attracted to. This might be food, a warm place to bread or the conditions to grow mold, such as dripping water and inadequate ventilation.

There are many non-chemical options to get rid of unwanted visitors but if you find yourself fighting a losing battle, it’s time to call in the professionals. Your health and the well being of your family comes first so look out for the warning signs and get your treatment booked in.

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