Does Your Home Smell Of Spring Already?

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What is the smell of spring? 

It’s an interesting question to ask yourself especially at the time when winter is coming to an end. The romantic representation of spring is about renewal. It’s a cultural fact that every civilization on the planet shares. Spring is the season when nature wakes up. The naked trees are burgeoning. Delicate green grass is scattered on top of the once muddy and brown winter lawn. On quiet mornings, it even feels as if the birds started singing to wake you up. And finally, everywhere you go, you can spot delicate butterflies spinning in the air. 

But while the typical representations of spring highlight what it looks like, there’s no indication of what spring smells of. What is the scent that can pierce through the months of accumulated winter depression and lift your spirits ahead of the sunny season? If you’re currently listing all the flowers that come to your mind, let me stop you right here. Spring is the combination of several scents. 

Spring awakening


In-depth spring cleaning

There’s no spring without a proper spring cleaning day, right? As surprisingly as it might sound, a spotless home smells of spring. Indeed, during the winter months, cluttered areas tend to be left untouched – primarily because you tend to accumulate jumpers, blankets, weatherproof shoes and accessories. As you start clearing your room for the remaining winter items, you can clear off the forgotten dust – preferably before it gets moldy! Additionally, the decluttering stage lets you access remote areas, such as the basement, for instance, where moisture can build up during winter. Now’s the best time to audit your home for potential water infiltration – you can contact a specialist company such as Helitech for more waterproofing services – that could have happened during the snowy and rainy months. Moisture and dust can combine to create a musty smell, which your spring cleaning will remove! 

The little touches that make all the difference

If you’ve kept your homemade winter decorations around, the living room probably smells of cinnamon, pine trees, and cloves. It’s time to swap them for fresh spring scents. You can use an essential oil diffuser, which can not only keep the house feeling welcoming but it also dramatically improves your health. At a time where allergies tend to resurface, it’s a good idea to opt for a fragrant immune system boost! Citrus fruits bring a fresh tone to your interior. Additionally, citrus fruits can also improve your breathing and immune system, which reduces the risk of spring allergies! Culinary herbs and flowers, such as mint or orange blossom can help to clear your mind too.

Lemon boosts the immune system 

Boost your sensory experience

Michelin-starred chefs understand the art of plating. Indeed, the presentation of the food will affect its tastes for the patrons. Similarly, the display of your interior will also enhance scents and bring spring to life. For instance, bringing vibrant colors to your decor can encourage your mind to believe it’s spring, as the change of decorative style mimics the seasonal transition. Houseplants also convey the image of spring, convincing the brain that your house smells of it. 

The scents of spring are diverse and complex. They focus on the art of renewal, from bringing your house out of the winter slump to reviving your senses to the colors and shapes of the new season. The smell of spring starts at home. 

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